There are several components that I recommend be installed into all drip irrigation systems:

1) a backflow prevention device such as a pressure vacuum breaker, an anti-siphon, or atmospheric vacuum breaker is recommended for all watering systems that are connected to a drinking water supply. This eliminates the possibility of irrigation water backing-up into the drinking or potable water system

2) a fertilizer dispenser like the “ADD-IT”® allows for the application of liquid or any dry, totally water soluble, fertilizer,

3) a filter to screen out small particles matter from the water and protects the small openings or orifices of emitters, micro-sprays, etc. from clogging. It contains a fine mesh screen screen or cartridge that can be rinsed and reused;

4) and a pressure regulator which reduces the higher pressures found in home plumbing systems, usually 45-100 PSI, down to 10 to 25 PSI, depending on the drip irrigation system being installed. The lower pressure greatly reduces the possibility of leaks and blowouts.