Backflow Prevention Device - Any number of items such as a reduced pressure vacuum breaker, atmospheric vacuum breaker, anti-siphon valve, vacuum breaker, etc. can be used to prevent contaminates from going back into the potable water system. Backflow prevention devices should be used in all irrigation systems, especially those utilizing fertilizer dispensers.

Emitter - The discharge device that is attached to the lateral line and delivers water, at a set rate, to the base of a plant. Available in compensating and non-compensating styles, depending on the topography and water quality.

Evaporation - The process of turning water into a vapor.

FHT - Female hose thread (as found on the beginning of a garden hose).

FPT - Female pipe thread.

Filter - A device for removing foreign particles from water.

GPH - Refers to water flow; gallons per hour.

GPM - Refers to water flow; gallons per minute.

Lateral Movement - Refers to the movement of water in the soil in a horizontal direction.

Laser Soaker Line - 1/4” tubing with preset emission holes equally spaced along its entire length, providing a continuous wetted pattern.

Laterals - The actual drip lines, either polyethylene hose with emitters attached at desired intervals, or Laser Soaker Line.

MHT - Male hose thread (as found on the end of a garden hose).

MPT - Male pipe thread.

Mainline - PVC pipe or polyethylene hose that carries the water from the supply, or source, to the laterals.

Mini-Spray - A variety of low volume overhead sprays which cover larger areas than an emitter.

PSI - Referring to water pressure; pounds per square inch.

PVC - Refers to material of pipe, polyvinyl chloride.

Pressure Regulator - A device that regulates and ensures that the water pressure is kept within design limits for the drip irrigation system.

Tensiometer - A device that measures the moisture content of soil. Usually hooked-up in conjunction with an automated system with a controller.

Timer/Controller - A device operating in conjunction with electric valves to automatically control your drip irrigation system. Can set watering days of the week, run time per station, and length of time to run each station. Battery operated valves are also available for hose bibb connections.