Containers or hanging plants require frequent watering because of their size and the porous nature of potting soils. Sprinkler or sprays are usually inappropriate because most containers are located on patios or decks.

The set-up is simple. In most cases poly hose is run behind or below the plants, usually hidden by deck or railing or other structure, with smaller 1/4” tubing leading up to each container. In smaller containers or pots, a single emitter can be inserted into the end and secured. However, if you have a larger container with multiple plantings or a large shrub, and because water does not spread well laterally in loose potting soil, you will want the water evenly distributed around the outer perimeter, and not just placed in the center. Attach a 1/4” elbow to the tubing leading up to the container, and attach 1/4” laser soaker line. Encircle the container, using ‘V’ stakes to hold the laser soaker line in place, and cap the end with a “goof” plug. The laser soaker line has emission holes every 6”, so the application of water to the container will be well distributed. Flow through 1/4” tubing should not exceed 6 gallons per hour (GPH).