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Systems Guide - Assembly - Assembly Tips
  • Start the installation at the water source and work your way out to the laterals.
  • Be aware of the type of thread on the fittings which you use. Forcing a hose thread fitting onto a pipe thread fitting can result in stripped threads that can cause leaks.
  • When pipe thread connections are made, wrap the male threads with two to three wraps of teflon tape before making the connection.
  • Check for the correct direction of flow on valves and other components before making the final connections. Usually all pipe threaded components will have an “arrow” on them that points in the direction of the water flow. Hose threaded parts are even easier to work with. All inlets are female and all outlets are male.
  • Do not over tighten plastic fittings by using a wrench or pliers. Hand tightening will be enough if teflon tape is used.
  • Try to be as careful as possible in keeping dirt out of the lines when you are installing your system, even though you will be flushing out the entire system once you have it totally installed.
  • Allow the tubing to “relax” or sit in the sun. This will make it easier to work with and assemble. If it’s cold outside when you’re installing your system, dip the end of the tubing into a container of warm water.
  • Do not stretch or pull the poly hose taut. Allow the hose to “snake” along the ground. This will allow for expansion and contraction due to weather conditions.
  • When punching a hole for an emitter, spray, or connector, be careful to hold the punch perpendicular to the tubing while supporting the back side of the tubing with your other hand.
  • Flush all tubing lines before closing, removing any debris that may have gotten into the system during installation.



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